Initial MEP Rating


The primary aim of this course, is to equip the student with the background, skill and knowledge to act and fly with the utmost professionalism, safety, common sense and courtesy at all times whilst operating Multi Engine Piston (Land) aircraft.


Pre-Entry Requirements:

You must be in possession of an EASA PPL and have a minimum of 70 hours of PIC.


The Flying Course:

This course requires a minimum of 2.5 hours dual flight time, under normal multi-engine operating conditions. It also requires a minimum of 3.5 hours dual flight time, on engine failures and asymmetric flying (simulated engine out condition).

There is a minimum of 7 hours theoretical studies.


The Ground Exam:

There is one ground exam to take for the course which is multiple choice. This tests your knowledge about the theory of multi-engine aircraft, and type specific.

On completion of the flight training, theoretical studies and theoretical knowledge written exam, there is a LST (Licensing Skills Test) to take with a flight examiner.


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