IR(R) Rating




The Instrument Rating (Restricted) is a natural step forward for those who have qualified for their Private Pilot’s Licence, and can only be used in the UK Airspace. It permits pilots to fly safely in poor weather conditions, although the real purpose is to ensure that a flight may safely continue should the pilot inadvertently encounter bad weather conditions en-route.


Pre-Entry Requirements:

Before applying for your IR(R) rating, you must have flown a minimum of 25 hours after you have obtained your PPL, of which 10 hours must be PIC, to include 5 hours solo navigation and 15 hours dual instruction of which 10 hours are by sole reference to instruments during the course.


The Flying Course:

The course requires a minimum of 15 hours with an instructor followed by flight test. The course commences with training in general handling of the aircraft with sole reference to the instruments by use of screens covering the windows or special goggles or hoods. The student will be taught to recover from unusual attitudes, to straight and level flight using the full panel of instruments, before progressing to recovery with limited panel. Tracking to and from VOR and NDB facilities, develops the skills needed to carry out procedural approaches, which include holding, together with NDB and ILS (instrument Landing System) approaches allowing you to fly down to 500 feet above the airfield to clear cloud, with a minimum of 1800 metres in-fight visibility.


The Ground Exam:

There is one ground exam to take for the course which is multiple choice. This tests your knowledge about the theory of radio aids and your ability to apply them practically, it also includes flight planning on IFR.


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