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Aviation Flight School

Aviation South West has been providing bespoke flight training to clients since 1999.

Our student-oriented courses ensure that only the most targeted of training solutions are offered and thanks to the expertise of our professional staff, a wide range of options are available. What can you expect after speaking with our team?

Commercial Licences

Many lessons at our aviation school geared towards those who wish to obtain a commercial licence. As the majority of these courses are geared towards a one-on-one basis, students can remain confident that they will be receiving only the best instructional techniques.

Not only is our airspace less congested than other locations, but training vehicles such as the PA28 Warrior and the PA28R Arrow are provided. Please note that there are some preliminary requirements that must be met before applying for these pilot licenses. These include no less than 200 hours of total flying time and a minimum of 20 hours of cross-country journeys. Please contact us for more details.

Private Pilot Licenses

Our staff also provide lessons that will result in obtaining a Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL). This is also often the first step for those who are looking to eventually obtain their commercial licence. Each course takes between four and six weeks (depending upon weather conditions) to complete. These are associated with 45 hours of total flying time (ten hours are solo flights). This licence is valid throughout the European Union.

ATPL Ground School

Aviation South West provides theory training that will allow students to obtain their Air Transport Pilot’s Licence for Aeroplanes (ATPL). Please note that a Private Pilot’s Licence is first required. It is also advisable to have a working knowledge of physics and mathematics. A handful of the topics which are covered within our ATPL ground school includes basic flight principles, navigation training, VFR/IFR communications methods, air law, flight planning and human performance limitations. These aviation lessons are all taught out of Exeter International Airport and they are approximately six months in length.

Aviation South West is a family-run business and we are proud of a pristine safety record throughout out 17 years of continuous operation. Should you wish to learn more or to speak with one of our representatives, please contact us at your earliest possible convenience.

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