EASA Flight Instructor Course (FIC)

This course is to train the holder of a CPL (or a PPL with a pass in CPL theoretical knowledge
exams) to give flight instruction.


Pre-entry requirements:

  • Hold EASA CPL (or PPL with 200 hours total time and 150hrs PIC and CPL theoretical knowledge
  • Have received 10 hours Instrument flight training and have 20 hours cross country experience as
  • Have completed a cross country flight as PIC of at least 300nm landing at 2 different aerodromes
  • Hold a valid SEP rating, having completed 30 hours on SEP aeroplanes with at least 5 hours experience within 6 months prior to taking pre-entry flight test
  • Pass a pre-entry flight test with FIC instructor no more than 6 months prior to commencing the


The Course:

25 hours teaching and learning course
100 hours theoretical knowledge, including instruction, self-study and progress tests
30 hours flight training (of which 5 can be “mutual” flying with another student)
Assessment of Competence with our Flight Instructor Examiner.



As a newly qualified instructor (FI(R)), you will start work under the direction of an experienced
Flight Instructor. As an FI(R)) you are not permitted to authorise student first solo flights, first solo
cross country or first solo at night. Once you have 100hrs instructional experience, including 25
solo authorisations your basic restriction can be lifted.


Courses are on a 1-to-1 or 1-to-2 basis and last 4-5 weeks.


Flight Instructor Upgrade Courses:

Night – to instruct at night. 2 hours ground school, 1 hour flight training
IRI – to train for IMC & IR. 10 hours ground school, 5 hours flight training plus Assessment of
ME CRI – to instruct on multi-engine aircraft. 10 hours ground-school, 5 hours flight training, plus
Assessment of Competence.


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