How Do I Become a First Officer Pilot? Aviation South West Explains

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The Aviation South West Direct to First Officer Course enables students with little or no experience to become Commercial Pilots within 12 to 14 months. You will start your training by gaining your Private Pilots Licence (PPL), you will have a designated instructor that will stay with you throughout your PPL training.

Once you have achieved your PPL you will go on to do the Airline Transport Pilots Licence Course (ATPL’s). This course is classroom based for 6 months, you will learn the theory behind 14 aviation subjects including navigation, meteorology and air law to name a few. We also offer this course as a distance learning option.

What you need to know about the ATPL course

ATPL qualification

The ATPL part of the course is intense and you will have a head start if you have a good understanding of Maths and Physics. Aviation South West use the Padpilot* programme in the classroom, if you are considering becoming a commercial pilot you can access their free Maths & Physics download, go to Itunes > Padpilot > Maths & Physics.

Once you have completed the course and passed your exams it is back to the fun of flying you will then go on to the next part of the course which is building your hours to start your Commercial Pilot Licence. Next month we will discuss the hour building side of the course to gain a better understanding of this.

Get your First Officer Pilot License with Aviation South West

Aviation South West are highly recommended by current and past students for our professionalism and one to one training. We provide expert support throughout your time with us and look forward to congratulating you on your brand new qualification! Contact us to find out more.

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