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So on the 12th July I completed my Student Cross Country Solo Qualifier. This involves a flight of over 150nm and landing away at two other airfields. In this case I landed at Kemble and Cardiff.
Most of the students at Aviation South West do the Exeter-Kemble-Cardiff-Exeter route.

Taking A De-Tour

On my way to Kemble, I had to take a detour to keep a good distance from RNAS Yeovilton due to the Yeovilton Air Day, thus the airspace being restricted preventing me from taking the route I took the day before with my instructor. When you land at Kemble and Cardiff you need to go in and pay the landing fee and get your CAA Solo Qualifier Form signed to prove you have completed the route to their satisfaction. My route was 178 miles long and took a total of 2 hours and 40 minute flight time.

The day before I did my solo qualifier my instructor and I carried out the same route to make sure that I was familiar with the airports and their joining requirements and that I was ready to do the route alone.


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